The Truth About Success – Jael Tanti

On a recent episode of The Truth About Success podcast, I sat down with Jael Tanti, who co-founded Happy Cooking 25 years ago along with her husband James. Jael shared her insights on how she was able to go from being born in a small village, in rural Nicaragua, with no electricity and no running water, to becoming a highly successful businesswoman, mentor, and coach that helps families around the world live better lives.

We Are Not Our Circumstances

As we talked about Jael’s journey, I asked her when she first sensed her life would be different than the life she was born into, knowing that as children we all get glimpses into our life’s potential. Jael shared that she remembered sitting in what, through the eyes of a child, appeared to be a big yard after her family moved to a nearby town so she could go to school. She told me, “I remember looking at the sun and feeling that I don’t belong here. Someday I’ll live far-far away from here.” The memory caused an emotional response as powerful childhood memories often do. Jael went on to share, “We are not our circumstances,” she told me. “I know we all have the ability to change. We each are responsible for everything that happens to us.” She went on to talk about how most people are programmed to fail rather than succeed and that because of this, personal growth is the most important avenue we can pursue.

Let Go of Beliefs That No Longer Serve You

I asked Jael what specific behaviors or beliefs she had to overcome in order to move into success. “I had to let go of victimhood,” she said. Jael shared, “I had to stop blaming my parents and I had to forgive them and others not for their sake, but for my own growth.” Jael admitted to having a lot of resentments that she had to break through. Resentments were holding her back. She had to let go of victimhood and take responsibility. Knowing Jael as I do, I can affirm that she has succeeded with flying colors.

We talked about mentors and Jael had many including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, who she worked with for a couple of years, and Louise Hay, among others. This led to more discussion about personal development. As Jael enthusiastically stated, “Personal development is a must!” Her explanation was poetic. She talked about breaking out of the shell that hides the person you were meant to be and how personal development allows a better you to shine through. Jael also discussed how there is always a better you to discover, an ever-evolving self, and that personal development is continual throughout life. According to Jael we are always re-inventing ourselves. Otherwise, we become stagnant.

Be In Gratitude – Appreciate Everything

When I asked Jael what important lesson she has learned throughout her amazing life, she answered without hesitation, “Be in gratitude and appreciate everything!” She also talked about how important it is to focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have. According to Jael, when you do that habitually, you can’t help but become a better person.

Advise To Women in Business

I wondered what specific advice Jael would give to women in business. She thoughtfully replied with “Work hard on yourself.” Jael said that most women know that it’s okay to be perceived as selfish in order to become selfless. She explained it’s important for a woman to make her personal development her highest priority. When a woman does that, she knows who she really is and what she really wants. Now she will be ecstatically happy. When a woman is happy, everyone in her environment is happy. One thing you can’t help but notice about Jael is that she is ecstatically happy with her ever-unfolding successful and beautiful life.