The Why Factor Academy

Never question your ability, but always question your performance


Have You Got The Why Factor?



Our Story

The Why Factor Academy has been created as a fundamental source of answers.  

The Why Factor Story is based on a philosophy: feed a person a fish, you feed them for a day. 

Teach them how to fish and you feed them for life. 


By asking the WHY question, we teach you how to fish.

When we were children, we always asked the question WHY?  

That is how we learned. 

Our parents would get fed up with us asking WHY? Constantly. 

Our curious minds wanted answers. 

We wanted to know so many things, but our questioning was quashed. 

As we grew older we stopped asking the WHY question as we were conditioned to believe that if we did, we would just be an annoyance to people. 

We accepted that we would just have to find answers for ourselves, but many of us didn’t. We gave up. 

But now we come to adulthood, we accept our situation – never asking WHY. 

WHY am I in this situation?

WHY is that person doing better than I’m doing?

Nobody is better than you, but they might be doing something that you’re not doing or they are ahead of you in a particular direction.



“Never, Ever, Ever Question Your Ability, But Question Your Performance Daily!”

The Why Factor, developed by Ayo Olaseinde, will empower you and teach you the fundamental skills needed to win life’s challenges and become successful. By learning to adapt the teachings within The Why Factor, and learning from the life experiences of Ayo, you will be set on the path to achieve tremendous success in your own life, be it personal success, professional success or success at home. Join us on our mission to share the gift of HEALTH, HAPPINESS & WEALTH.