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If you have a big enough WHY, you will figure out HOW

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What Are The Ingredients To A Good Story?
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Mark Jones

Each month, “The Truth About Success” podcast interviews successful people from all walks of life to share their truths about success with you! Recently, we had an amazing guest with an extensive bit... Read more

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"If you have a big enough WHY, you will figure out HOW"

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All skills are learnable. Nobody is better than you.

Ayo is dedicated to empowering people so they can break free of the mental prison created by fears, doubts and uncertainties. His book,

‘Have You Got The Why Factor?’ shares his personal story of learning from successes and failures. Through Ayo’s life lessons, you too will learn how to achieve a healthy, successful and positive lifestyle.

Never question your ability, but always question your performance.


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What Ayo’s Clients are Saying

Over the past 10+ years of working with Ayo, his unique ability to both lead and emotionally connect with people still amazes.  Ayo is not a manager, but a true visionary and leader.  In today’s world where those qualities are in more need than ever, Ayo brings a light to people’s lives helping them understand that the future is bright – yes you must work for it – but you can change your life.   Using multiple different approaches, helping others find a better version of themselves is his gift to the world.  Having watched him connect with people on five different continents – culture, race, religion, ethnicity, and social economic status do not matter.  His genuine ability to connect with anyone makes Ayo a leader for today – and tomorrow – and someone that continues to make a difference in my life.  I cannot wait to see how Ayo’s mission to impact people’s lives continues to evolve and grow bringing his gift to more people the world over.

Ryan Riegle Senior Vice President Regal Ware

Ayo is a very captivating speaker who has the ability to really connect with his audiences on an emotional state. This connection gets people to look at themselves differently and ask themselves where they are in their life, and where they want to go. This deep understanding of what connects people to a cause or goal and understanding is that people can achieve so much more if they can create the emotional drive to get there. This ability to connect with people in conjunction with Ayo’s instinctual sense and business experience has propelled him to creating several successful sales enterprises from the ground up. Creating a sales organization from nothing is one of the most challenging business ventures, it takes a tremendous effort and dedication to succeed. Ayo is tenacious in his drive to ensure that he and the people around him find the level of success they are looking for.

Greg Windfeldt President/CEO Preferred Credit Inc.

Ayo has a unique way in delivering Life Lessons through relatable stories & analogies, captivating his audience & keeping them engaged throughout.
Ayo genuinely cares about people and wants to make a difference. This results in him giving 110% all of the time.
This man is Walking Wisdom, who has selflessly deposited so much into my life. Don’t miss any opportunities to learn from him.

Mark Jones Senior Vice President European/Middle East/Africa Division Saladmaster

AYO, knowing you over the past 30 years, can mostly be defined as: you are a great leader!
You have the ability to Stimulate others & Activate one to put forth maximum effort.
You Motivate people as well as Energize them to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.
I also appreciate your Transparency, and the way you show Honour to others.
I’ve observed over the years, that everything you do, and become part of, always turns out above average. I concluded the reason is because you always seem to know how to get the best out of people.

Artis Webb Motivational Speaker Rhinocust.Com